UFO Sighted / Photographed over Seward Park, Seattle

I was taking a walk with my family at the Seward park in Seattle. It was a clear and sunny day and I was taking photographs with my digital camera (Sony Cybershot) of the beatiful views on mount Ranier.

I didn't notice anything unusual in the air until I got home and started looking through the pictures! Much to my surprise, one of them had an object in the upper right corner that looks like the classic flying disc/saucer that has become the symbol of ufology. I didn't see any flying objects while taking the picture, so I can't describe its movements and actions.

I'm sure I would have remembered if a helicopter had flown by when I took the picture. Unfortunately, it's not the best quality, and the bright sunlight made the details somewhat fuzzy. I'm still intriqued by the shape of the object in this photo and wanted to share it. The meta data (date taken, camera used, etc.) of the photo has been left intact and I have not done any editing to it.

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