Derbyshire Dales UFO Footage (Sharon Rowlands) 2000

Bonsall (Sharon Rowlands) Video 2000

When housewife Sharon Rowlands filmed what appeared to be a UFO flying over her tiny Derbyshire village, little did she realize what rewards the footage would bring her.

The 6-and-a-half-minute tape has been snapped up by an American TV company for more than £20,000.

Mrs. Rowlands can also be proud of the knowledge her film is being ranked as one of the best pieces of UFO video footage ever shot.

California-based Kiviat Productions, which snapped up the film, is currently negotiating with TV networks across the world to show the tape as part of its 'Could It Be True?' Series - but not before officials from NASA are given a preview.

Mrs. Rowlands (44), who lives with husband Hayden (45), said: "I've watched UFO programs and if there is such a thing, this is as good a photograph as you're going to get.

"I was a complete and utter disbeliever but seeing this has made me think twice. It was huge and through the lens it looked like it was going to hit me. I couldn't believe it - it's like nothing else I've ever seen."

The tape has been locked in a bank vault since her chance filming on October 5, 2000, with a camcorder which she had received only days earlier as a gift.

Kiviat executive producer Robert Kiviat found Mrs. Rowlands' film while scouring the internet.

He said: "This is one of the top five pieces of video footage of UFOs ever taken."

The Rowlands are just a couple living in a remote area with no agenda and no previous experience in UFO videos - they just appear to have had their camcorder out at the right time."

A Meteorological Officer spokesman said there were no freak weather conditions on October 5 which could have caused the circular shape in the sky.

The American space agency NASA is believed to be interested in the Rowland's photograph because of its marked resemblance to a photograph taken during the 1996, STS-75 mission. (footage appended)

The photograph was taken by Astronaut Claude Nicoltier.

Mrs. Rowlands' footage capped a hive of activity in Bonsall which has seen villagers reporting 19 UFO sightings in just four months leading up to last October.

UFO enthusiast Omar Fowler founded the Derby-based Phenomenon Research Association 10 years ago and has been tracking UFOs since the 1970s.

He believes Bonsall is right up there with the foremost UFO hotbeds - including Mexico city, the USA, and Fleetwood in Lancashire.

Mr Fowler said: "I viewed Mrs Rowlands' tape and I was amazed at what I saw. I consider it to be one of the most important sightings of recent years - comparing very well with a recent clip from Mexico - and it typifies activity in Bonsall."

Mr Kiviat said he will show the tape to NASA optical physicist Dr. Bruce Macabbee.

"The Rowlands' tape will shock a lot of people because the image shown is the same as one taken by NASA's own cameras showing what appears to be a UFO hovering in space, maybe three miles wide," Mr Kiviat said. "


Derby Evening Telegraph, Derbyshire / England | Andy Shipley - May 31 2001

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