Video of Readers Dramatic Encounter with UFO on I-10

UFO over Phoenix I was driving this morning at 4:15 AM on Highway 1-10 to Phoenix Airport, and I saw at a distance what appeared to be a plane crashing, because the object was going downward into the traffic.

I kept on looking and to my surprise it picked up speed and I thought it was going to hit the oncoming traffic and skyrocket into the skies again.

It never went high, always at car level or a little higher. I kept a good visual of the object. When it was above the bridge, it dropped a flare which disappeared about a second.

As I approached the object, I saw it was coming for me on the driver's side, I thought it was going to crash into my car. It went right above me, and continued at car level on the other side.

It was huge, round in shape, with 3 lights on both sides in a triangular formation as it hovered over the car. I was driving a convertible, so I heard the deep, motor sound, but a silent, deep sound.

It kept on doing that for awhile, as I passed the object and got a few miles away, I could still see it going into the traffic, so I stopped for a few seconds, and decided to film it.

While the object was over my car, I was on my cell phone with my husband, and my phone went dead. I'm still scared and shaking from this incident. I've never been this close to a UFO in my life. WOW! I'll never forget my experience.

I still don't understand why it was diving in and out of traffic off of I-10, when it has so much space to fly around.

I stopped a police officer a few miles down the road, and told him to go back and investigate the matter. I'm not sure if he took me seriously, but I know what I saw, and it was right above me.

Trust me: If I stood on my car ceiling, I would have been able to touch it, that's how close it got to me and other cars coming that way.

If it was military, why jeopardize people's life while they are driving? I still kick myself as to why I didn't turn around and film the object while it was so close to me, because it was still moving, when I decided to continue to drive... GRRR!

UFO Casebook Submission

Shelley-Casa Grande, Arizona

A big thanks to Shelley or sharing her experience with us.

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UFO Casebook Submission

Shelley - Casa Grande, Arizona

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