SILVER-SPHERE UFOS By Anna Karyl, 2006

In 2004, I investigated an open-air temple outside of Las Vegas. As a former art history student, the architecture was intriguing and I took some digital photos of it. It was a clear spring day and I saw nothing in the sky at the time. But when I downloaded the photos on my computer, to my surprise, there actually was something in the sky at the time I took the photo. A silver sphere – an unidentified flying object was just overhead.

There were many more silver spheres captured on film in 2004: in the USA at Venice Beach, California and Connecticut; in Australia, and in Mexico, to name just a few locations.

In the much-publicized Mexico story, 11 silver spheres appeared on the radar and FLIR (forward-looking infrared radar) of a Mexican drug interdiction plane during a reconnaissance mission. The UFOs, not visible to the naked eye at the time, surrounded the plane briefly and then disappeared. This was Mexico’s most dramatic UFO encounter since the 1991 flap where numerous silver spheres appeared over Mexico City in full view of thousands of eyewitnesses.

In 2005, silver-sphere UFOs appeared again over Vegas. But this time, the spheres seem to appear on command. A local man calling himself “Prophet Yahweh” held a press conference where he prayed for the UFOs to appear. And they did, on demand and on camera, much to the consternation of the TV news reporter and film crew covering the story for a local station.

There have been many reports of UFOs showing up over places of worship, as my UFO photo suggests, leading some to believe that UFOs and their occupants are spiritually motivated, visiting earth as emissaries of God.

There have also been many reports about UFOs appearing over military bases. The temple where I photographed the UFO was very near the Indian Springs branch of Nevada’s Nellis Air Force Base. There have been historical cases where UFOs have apparently disarmed missiles or in some other way affected the weaponry on military bases. This kind of behavior leads some to believe that the UFO occupants are politically motivated, visiting earth to help end human violence.

I’d like to offer a third possibility.

What if the UFOs appearing over churches or military bases can somehow use the energy that is emitted from technology or from prayer?

We know that prayer is powerful. Numerous scientific experiments have shown that prayer can change reality by healing the sick or altering the weather. Prayer can also have positive affect on people or places near to the target of the prayer.

We also know that our technology is powerful. But there is always a percentage of energy that is lost to mechanical inefficiency.

Could the UFOs have a way to utilize the excess energy from our prayers and our technology? Maybe these silver-sphere UFOs have nothing to do with human spirituality or politics. Maybe they show up over military bases and places of worship to “fill up” on energy much like we do when we take our cars to gas stations.

At the present, we just don’t have the answers. We continue to formulate theories about why UFOs appear in certain locations because at the moment, we lack sufficient information to understand who they are and what they want. However, I do think we are moving in the right direction. With more evidential photos and anecdotal reports, we will continue to refine our theories to fit the facts.

It is a compelling mystery. There seems to be no shortage of UFOs in our world. They seem completely free of the constraints of time and space that put limitations on us. However, I am certain of one thing -- given enough time and enough evidence, we will eventually understand what the UFOs are and why they are here.

Anna Karyl is the author of “The Kelly Incident,” a novel based on the 1955 alien encounter at Kelly, Kentucky. The book can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or from the publisher, Gate Way Publishers (

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