Unknown Object Sighted and Photographed over Somerset, England
My name is Linney and we live in a small village near Frome in Somerset. Last Friday evening 2nd November 2007 at about 10.15 pm I went outside our back door to call our cat in: it was a lovely, starry night but as I looked to the right I saw two very bright lights side by side that did not look like stars, they were more of a yellow/gold colour.

As I stared at them, one started to move upwards and it felt as if it was coming nearer so I went indoors to watch from the window: at that point they both started to fade away. My son who is 16 came into the room, at that point as we were looking (now outside again) a group of lights started to appear above the trees in the distance.

I counted 10 at one point. They seem to move upwards in a shape that looked rather like a squashed question mark, my son went and got the camera and took two photos, the lights continued to move upwards and gradually one by one faded away. It was a very strange experience.

The next morning I thought I would look to see if the photos had come out and they had! My son has put them on the computer for me so I can enlarge them and I must say they were not what I had expected to see-both photos are quite different even though only taken a seconds apart and very different from any UFO photo that I have seen before. It was not a frightening experience at all.

They seem to be filled with lights and have two or more long leggy bits with something on the end which looks a more silver colour and on the other photo they have long twirly bits, what is interesting is that they are the same shapes in each individual photo but the two photos appear quite different. Perhaps this is to do with the speed they were traveling?

Also last New Year when looking out of our front door just after midnight, my husband and I could see fireworks in the distance and as they began to fade some lights remained, a semicircle, then they moved towards our house in the sky and away to the east and gradually faded into the night sky, there was no sound and the night was clear. This is how I expected a UFO to look but we took no photo.

If you would like to see my photos I will ask my son to send them to you via an email for me. I would really like to know more about this if possible.

I wrote the gentleman back requesting the photographs. When I took a look at them, the first thing I thought is that they had possibly filmed some Chinese Lanterns. This was his reply:

Thank you for your email. If they were chinese lanterns they must have been enormous ones given the height and distance the lights were. Also the first two lights (not photographed) that I saw were perfectly still in the sky to start with until one started to rise up as if coming towards me? When I first looked at one of the photos my first reaction was that they looked like flying pigs on strings but the other photo looked more like an alien animal flying?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,



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