Was it 'UFO' above our town?-South Cheshire
Jan 18 2006-By Ben Jervis, Crewe Chronicle

UFO experts are investigating the sighting of a strange object in the clouds above South Cheshire.

Concerned eye-witnesses reported seeing a weird flashing light in the skies above Crewe.

The incident comes as Ministry of Defence figures show that there as been at least three significant unexplained reports of UFOs in Cheshire in the past three years.

Mike Soper, of Oxford-based Contact International UFO Research, has been investigating the latest incident.

He said: 'There was a sighting of a yellow flashing light which seemed to be hovering over North Crewe.

'It was observed for a few minutes before it went out of view. The interesting thing is that it was a yellow light, which was flashing at a much faster frequency than the automated collision lights which are normally seen flashing on planes.

'I have checked with Manchester Airport and Scottish Aviation which are both in line with Crewe and there was nothing in the sky over the town at that time.

'The lights on planes are either white, red, or green. They are required to be those colours, they are never yellow.

The incident, which took place at 5am on the morning of Saturday, January 7, followed the sighting of another bright light in the Stafford-shire town of Stone.

Mr Soper added: 'The second sighting at Stone was much later in the day at around 6.20pm.

'A remarkable light was seen over the town until about 7.40pm. It seemed to be circling around overhead, and was like a hazy blur. We thought it could have been a laser show at Alton Towers.

Have you seen a UFO in the skies of South Cheshire? If so, please let us know.

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