South Florida Sightings / Photographs, August 2006
Well itís been a busy week here in South Florida with sightings of the pulsating objects here at night. Here are 4 daytime photos I took this weekend.

The first is at a friendís home in Ft Laud near the International Airport on Saturday afternoon. I just took random shots of the sky. The first photo shows a Black Disk and a Round Black object.

The second picture shows six Round Black Objects and three of them are in a Triangle formation.

The third is in Delray Beach early Sunday Morning around 5:50 AM as I was watching a Glowing Object out over the ocean and I randomly shoot pictures of the sky and this is what I got a Black Disk and I took a few pictures from this position and the next photo shows the object had moved up and almost of view.

The last photo is of the glowing Object at 5:45 AM Sunday Morning and its not a star as clouds moved behind it and it was still visible and glowing.

Also I'd like to add I saw that long thin Black Line looking object someone photographed near the Panhandle this past week to my west just below a thunderhead and was moving slow towards the northwest. It was at least 200-300 ft in length.

Thanks JC



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