Unknown Object in Photograph over Spain, June, 2006

The picture was taken June 8 of this year, when me and my classmates went to study the geology of La Babia, León. That area is situated in the north of Spain, and it's a natural border between the state of Castilla y León and Asturias. It is a mountain range. The place is low populated and there are just a couple of small rural villages with no industries, nothing, It's an isolated place in the middle of nothing, but it has fantastic landscapes formed by glaciers thousands of years ago.

That day was very strange; we had bad luck since we started the trip: first we had problems with the bus, next with the road and finally even we had to cancel some places to visit because we lost too much time with our little accidents.

We arrived at the valley, there were too much hot as it was full summer. We could see the fantastic glacier erosion and we did some maps. To have fun we took some pictures of the people doing their tasks and stuff. Everything was normal but when we went to eat and we reviewed the pictures taken...omg!! there's something here over our heads, what the hell is that man??. Doing zoom you can see there's a UFO or strange aircraft, seems it was flying pretty fast and the digital camera could take a picture of it. Seems it has green lights from inside..amazing.

After months, today I discovered your web site and I decided to show you my picture, in order to get advice. Now I'm sure that was a mysterious object, but I feel it's more a prototype than a UFO...

Thank you very much for your attention!!.


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