Croatia: Possible UFO photographed over Split 10-08-06

Split, October 10th 2006-Emily [from Croatian Ufogovernment Group] sent a photo taken by her on October 8 2006 in Split, depicting a chance unidentified object over the city. The witness also previously managed to capture other probable UFO objects over Split.

Emily wrote:

“I was looking at stars by window. I grasped my camera and said: ‘Come on Grays, show up. I’d like to capture your beautiful spaceship again, like before.’ I took one shoot and saw this on it.”

source and references:

Emily [UFOGOVERNMENT] – Croatia, 10/10/06

By: Piotr Cielebiaś: "NOL - The Eastern European UFO Journal" -

Special thanks for: Robert Morningstar [UFODIGEST], NY.

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