Strange Craft Disappears into Thin Air at Springhill Ranch

Barb Campbell
Springhill Ranch-Date: Late 70s-Time: afternoon (summer or fall)

Location: Springhill Ranch, Telkwa Hi-road, Smithers BC Canada

It took me many years to try to remember exactly how the craft looked like. I couldn't remember which set of wings were where until I attempted to recreate what I saw that day.

For a while I thought the smaller set was in the front. But this looks more like it.

Thanks to my good friend Barb for sending me this article.


Unknown Craft I was in the back area of the property looking for my horse to go riding that day. Normally my horse along with the others would have been there but for some reason they were spooked and up in the woods on the hillside.

I never clued in that something might be wrong.

I was on my way back along the fence towards the house when I just stopped in my tracks. I had this feeling that I should look up and that's when I saw that craft above my head.

The air was still. I never heard a sound coming from it. It was just in the air and was not moving.

I don't know how long it was up there before I noticed it but after about 30 seconds it just took off into thin air.

I had a clear shot of the whole sky in the valley and I tell you it just vanished within a couple of seconds - without a sound.

The following is the outlay of the ranch where the encounter occurred.

Most of our property was located on a hillside (to the left) which cannot be seen on the following diagram.

The Ranceh For days afterwards I drew a stick diagram of the body and how the wings were. I knew there was something odd about those wings facing the wrong way. I never associated it to a UFO for many many years because UFOs were suppose to be flying saucers, or at least that's what I was lead to believe.

The first thing I thought, after my mind went blank staring at that thing in awe, was that it was military. Perhaps because it was black, who knows. But it wasn't right and was completely out of place. Not to mention hovering over my head.

I also began drawing a strange diagram. I spent days working at it to get it right. The teardrops had to be very very dark with a slight shine to it. The original was very elaborate but I lost it over the years while moving around so much. Today I just attempted to recreate how it generally looked.

diagram The whole time a word kept popping into my head as I was working on it. Satus. I just felt it had something to do with this diagram and so I wrote the word with it.

I felt so strongly that this diagram was important and that it had meaning. Who knows.

It wasn't long after my encounter with the craft that I ended up back in that end of the property again. This time to bury my cat who had suddenly just up and died for no reason. I remember he had blood coming out of his nose. I loved him so much I wanted to bury him near a tree which had a hollow in it. I loved that spot for some reason. Felt special to me.

The horses were back there eating grass and hanging out like they do. I laid my cat down in a deep hole I dug and then covered him up. I knew if I didn't protect him the coyotes would get to him so I went to search for some big rocks to cover his burial spot.

I found a couple went and laid them near the burial and then went in search of some more. I remember feeling like I was being followed so I stopped and turned around. A young filly was the closest to me, however she was eating grass and looking away so I figured I was imagining things so I continued searching for big rocks.

Again I felt like I was being followed. The young filly was even closer but she was eating and ignoring me. I turned back around and continued my search.

This time I knew for sure something was behind me. I wheeled around in time to see the filly rear up. She towered over my head. That's when I realised she was going to strike me. I looked down in time otherwise she would have broken my face. Instead she struck the top of my head.

I collapsed to the ground thinking she broke my neck. I screamed blue murder. I just knew she would attack me again if I didn't get out of there so I crawled to a windrow nearby.

My folks heard the scream back at the house and came running. They thought I was being mauled by a bear. My face and long hair was covered with blood from the gash on top my head.

To this day we do not know why the horse attacked me. Our horses were good and had never done that before. And it never happened again.

The attack occurred close to where I had seen that strange craft.

To this day I have not come across anyone having had a similar sighting. I'm still waiting to hear from anyone who has.


Posted on Fri 09 Sep 2005

Barb Campbell

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