UFO in Springsteen Album Interview?
If you are a Bruce Springsteen fan, you must get the new box set of Born to Run 30th Anniversary. There's a DVD in it called Wings for Wheels and chapter 2 has a sky shot between interviews where for 2 seconds it shows a disc and another dark object flying toward a cloud.

This box set will probably be seen by a lot of Bruce fans and I may be the first to have noticed this. When watching the interview and then I saw that, I said what was that? Why is it included in this batch of music and interviews?

So I used the pause feature going back and you can clearly see the disc and the object in excellent quality. It made this box set worth every penny. I wonder if the editor who viewed this knew it was there or just decided to leave it in to see if anyone notices. I did.

Thanks a lot to the person who sent in report.

source and references:

"Born to Run 30th Anniversay" Bruce Springsteen

Reporter Name withheld by request

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