Science Teacher Reports Alien Sightings in Sri Lanka
UFO Reported by Sanjaya Puswella, Science Teacher. Report Received, 08-06-06

The people who are living in Monaragala district are very fearful and were terrified with the message of Aliens coming to that place. A small boy who is 13 years old and a school girl who is 17 years old as well as a very old women she is in her 60s have seen these small and marvelous creatures. In addition to that, three girls who went to bathe in Kirindioya on the following morning have seen these marvelous creatures.

The people who have seen these aliens said that they could see them around the Sarvodaya camp which is situated in Thanamalvila area on July 23 and 24. Most of the people said that they have came from another world and that they were aliens. People said that they were very small and two of them were 2.5 ft in height and the other one was one foot taller than the others. Their heads were very large and their eyes were very blue and shining. We could see their footprints also. They had only three foot fingers and very small heel.

R.M. Seelawathi, who had seen these aliens mentioned, "Last Sunday at about 6 o'clock we went near the junction which is near our house. I was going towards my house with my grandson and granddaughter Uijitha and Udeshika. My grandson said that the grandmother said someone is looking at us but I couldn't see them well. Because I am so old and we were very far from them."

Udeshika, she is learning at Thanamalwila National Collage in grade 12 said "I could see very marvelous creatures. I have never seen such people before that were so small. When we looked at them, they ran to the forest and vanished.

Ujitha Tharanga who is learning at the same college said that "I was coming with my grand mother and sister towards our house and at that time we saw those small aliens. They had black body and large eyes and heads. They were looking at us and vanished."

On the following day Morani, Sagarika, and Rasika also saw these small people when they went to have a bath in Kirindi oya that flows through the Thanamalwila area in Monaragala district. Those girls have gone to have a bath at 6 o'clock in the morning and the small people were 100 meters from them. Some reporters have gone to that place to examine that and they saw footprints of those small creatures. The footprints were photographed.

UFO Chamarmara, who is 20 years of age, has seen the aliens, he mentions that, "we went to the place where the aliens had came. We could see some footprints and they were very small and had only three fingers and a heel like a duck."

After having lunch we went to that place to examine. We were more than 26 in number. We went one by one through the forest. Suddenly, I could see them. They were very small 2.5 high in ft. And another one was 1 foot higher than the others. Their heads had very big eyes, they were yellow and getting blue and shining.

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Suddenly I looked at them. I can't remember what was happening to me. I couldn't shout and move my hands or feet. Suddenly three of them had vanished in the forest. Manishka also had seen them.

He mentioned that "if only the creatures sat on the sand for a little time, we could see the footprints. If not we could not see them."

He said these marvelous creatures had very big heads,

"They didn't have hair. Their nose were very small, mouth was very small. Their ears were 1.5 inches long. Their hands and legs were very slender and had only three fingers on their hands and feet. They didn't wear clothes. They were as black as buffalo."

"They were very close to me when I saw them: their eyes were very gleaming. I couldn't see another side. I felt so hard I can't remember. I got pain after that. I couldn't remember anything. When I come back to memory they have vanished."

Last Tuesday (25) at about 10.00 in the night, Dissanayaka and Ranbanda also have seen a gleaming light in the forest near to the Sarvodaya camp in Thanamalwila. They said that they have never seen such a light before that and it had vanished within a few minutes.


Three of the Sri Lanka Witnesses

(RIVIRA-sinhala newspaper-30.07.2006)

Sanjaya Puswella, science teacher.

Special thanks to Mr.Shantha Boihala for translation.

Source & References:

Science Teacher, Sanjaya Puswella

Photographs © RIVIRA-sinhala newspaper

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