Another Photograph of Strange Sky Object near Stafford, U. K.
UFO Stafford, U. K. -07-03-I, as I always do, was on the front porch to take random pictures of the sky when I saw that an airliner was in the distance and then another on the mountain range behind me.

Knowing that ufo's like to frequent the area around airliners I started taking pictures. I got 13 in all but I am only posting 3 for now. They didn't show up until I uploaded them onto the pc and zoomed in.

I have only adjusted the contrast and brightness for clarity. I am convinced that the black orbs or disks that I am seeing, after looking at many of my photographs with various levels of zoom and contrast, are actually only part of what were able to see due to various patterns in the area around them.

Almost as if the rest of the huge craft is cloaked. Some are actually miles wide. Nothing else could explain the various straight lines and angles I see when zooming in at various resolutions. Never any noise.

MUFON Submitter 7368

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MUFON Submitter 7368

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