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Two UFOs Captured on Photograph; North Carolina

The photograph shown on this report was taken on Saturday, September 2, 2006. According to the witness / photographer statement:

I was with friends on the Blue Ridge Parkway and just happened to take a picture and when I got home and downloaded the picture it had to objects in it that I believe could be UFO's. I would like to make certain that this is factual as I can't figure out where the objects came from.

Honestly when I took the picture I was more focused on centering the building and I didn't know I photographed the UFO's until I got home and downloaded the pictures the next day.

All of my friends were sitting in the restaurant when I took this picture so I don't have any witnesses. This was taken just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina around 3 PM in the afternoon, at Stations Inn.

When I expand the original photo just to the right of the object on the left side there appears another darker image, it might be a cloud but I'm not really sure.

Harry Halstead

A big thanks to Harry for sending in his report and photograph.

Upon examination of the included photograph, two unknown objects were clearly seen, one to the extreme left, the other to the far right. Both of these objects were isolated, enlarged, and enhanced without altering the appearance of the objects. I cannot attribute any conventional object as the source of the UFOs, except either a balloon or kite, which I feel is a quite unlikely scenario. If any of our readers has any input, feel free to email me. (B J)

source and references:

Photograph © Harry Halstead

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