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Unusual Light Formations Observed over Storm Lake, Iowa
UFO My son and I don't know what we saw last night, Tuesday, Sept. 12 but it was very unusual. The military had been doing some maneuvers in the area with planes and flares at 6 p.m. above Storm Lake until about 6:30, but the police chief said they were done by 8.

Here is what Andy and I saw:

It was a clear evening, little wind, no clouds, sun still up. A light about a mile high in the sky, round, just appeared, stood still, glowed for about 10 seconds and gone. To the left another light did the same, then it happened to the right again.

Suddenly, a series of four lights in a perfect diagonal formation appeared above and between the other two lights. This remained for about 15 seconds and disappeared. The lights below now began their routine except the light on the right streaked to the left suddenly from a standing position. It was almost a blur.

Then, I believe the light on the left streaked to the right. Now, the diagonal series of four lights appeared again. This continued for about 10 minutes. There were no airplanes, no jet stream.

Are their any military maneuvers that would have this effect in the sky? The lights appeared but usually didn't move...they just hovered silently and disappeared. My 17 year old son was quite afraid. He has never seen this before. Had there been planes, he would accept the aircraft theory but there were no planes.


Storm Lake, IA

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