Strange Cloud Formation Photographed in California
Interesting photography obtained by the Sheriff of the Department of Emergencies of Ventura County, in the United States. Photography captured by Mr. René Castrejón in Porter Ranch, California, 16 of December, 2005.

Testimony of Mr. Castrejón: "On a clear day in the area of Porter Ranch, California, located 12 kilometers from the city of Simi Valley, that is where I am at the moment".

"I remember very well that I saw in the sky a kind of head of shining pin that went moving away until vanishing in the blue sky".


"A colleague mine, of the radio amateur, says to have seen the same phenomenon in company of his family, in the Southern part of California".

"This encounter is very similar to a photograph taken by Ana Luisa Cid the last year and for that reason is pleasant to me to share this evidence with her".

It should be noted that Mr. René Castrejón, in addition to being a witness to several UFOs on various occasions, is Sheriff of the Department of Emergencies of Ventura County and his actions have earned him recognition by the North American government.

source and references:

Photograph © Rene Castrejon

Ana Luisa Cid

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