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Guidelines for Submitting Material to the UFO Casebook

We receive a lot of UFO sighting reports and alleged photographs and video of UFOs. It is impossible to post everything we get on the site, and I have the unenviable task of separating what goes on the site and what does not. I have also received quite a bit of criticism from time to time for posting some of the photos and videos that I have. I have been told that I am hurting the cause of Ufology by posting junk on my site, that no "serious" researcher would post such material.

Just remember that although some unknown objects can readily be identified as common everyday objects, some may not be, and when I refuse to post a certain item, I am deeming the senders material as not good enough for the UFO Casebook, or telling him or her that they should have known better. This position puts me as the final judge on all photographs and video, a job that no one I know can perform adequately. I do the best that I can. The only thing I can tell those who have all the answers is they are welcome to put up their own UFO web site, and they can screen their submissions as they see fit. There are many other reasons that some items do not get posted, and there is certainly nothing personal in my decisions.

I have always tried to have an "open" web site, and receive and post as much material as I can. When I refuse to post certain material I have a good reason. I rarely post anything of a religious nature or political nature, not that I am opposed to either discussion, but I do believe that these subjects are better addressed on a web site which deals specifically with these issues.

Also, because we have readers of all age groups, we do filter out profane language. We have helped literally hundreds of young people prepare reports for educational purposes, and many times parents will visit our site before they allow their children to do so.

Below are some of the reasons that material is NOT posted on the UFO Casebook.

1) Photograph or video that is exactly the same or almost the same from the same person that I posted 2 or 3 days ago.

2) Photographs or video of orbs when I have just posted 2 or 3 of in one week, and they all look the same.

3) Photographs or video that contain objects so far away that even with the best graphic and photographic editing software, cannot be seen clearly enough to make a good report.

4) Photographs or video that has obviously been altered unless the original, untouched photograph or video is also included.

5) Article submissions that derail certain individuals or organizations. These are best posted at the Casebook Forum, or another Forum.

6) Before sending links to articles from other web sites, check out our front page and see if the item has already been posted.

Some tips on sending reports to the UFO Casebook

* Always include, to the best of your memory, the date and time of your sighting.

* Always include the geographical location of your sighting.

* Let us know if you want us to use your real name or keep it private.

* Please give as much information as you can about your sighting.

* Send reports and material to one of the email addresses below:



Thank you, and let me know if you have any questions,

B J Booth

Webmaster-UFO Casebook


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