Unknown Object Photographed over Florida

It was mid-day and I was standing in my backyard when I noticed a dark slash in the sky. The sky was cloudless but the haze left it looking more white than blue. Recently I emailed a photo of it to pilot friend of mine who is a UFO buff and he said I should send a copy to MUFON.

He thought, as did I, that the form was too smooth and perfect to be a natural occurrence. I watched it for a short while and it never moved or changed. When I came back later it was gone from sight. I used a 5MP Kodak camera for the photo. The picture I'm sending has been blown up and had the contrast adjusted so you can see the object.

If you'd like I can send the raw photo (if you need it) for analysis. The trees in the photo are about 140 feet from my position and I'd estimate they are 30-40 feet tall. The object was south-south west of me and would appear to be over the Gulf of Mexico. I live just west of Pensacola NAS.

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