Sugarhouse, Utah Man Sees UFO

Ever wonder whether there's anything flying around in space, like a flying saucer or some other kind of object? Some people reject the thought entirely, but others aren't so sure. There has been a lot going on up in the sky recently. Mars made its closest pass to earth in 60-thousand years and it's still putting on a good show each night. A couple of weeks ago, scientists ended the Galileo space mission, by crashing it into Jupiter. And, every now and then, something unidentifiable gets spotted.

In July South Jordan residents observed a strange object. We later learned it was some kind of remote-controlled blimp. The latest "UFO", if you will, was spotted and videotaped by plumber Greg Smith, who lives in the Sugarhouse area. He saw it at 2:30 a.m. this past Wednesday. His wife saw it first and woke him up. Greg Smith: "She had just gotten done working on the computer and was going to bed and she said, you'd better come look at this." In the sky, due south Greg, his wife and brother watched it for about three hours. He grabbed his video camera and recorded the object for about 20 minutes.

Greg Smith: "I was seeing red, two red lights, and two blue lights, and all white--like a star, and as big as a star."

But, unlike a star it kept moving.

Greg Smith: "It was more. It would go to the left, and then down. And then it would basically appear back up here."

Each year there are many reports of UFO sightings in this country. Last year nearly 500 people said they saw something up there. Until this week Greg Smith didn't think much about it. Greg admits he has gone back outside the last couple of nights, just in case. He says if he spots anything again, he hopes to have a better camera.

Oct. 3, 2003

Keith McCord Reporting

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