Unknown Objects Photographed over Mexico City, Mexico
On December 26, the UFO Casebook received the photograph that you see below. The sender of the photo is from Denmark, and with what little information I have, I am somewhat reluctant to publish it, until I receive more information about it. I have replied to the sender, asking for more information, and listing what information that I need. If and when that is received, I will add it to this report. This is all the information that I have at the present time.

The sender gave their real name and address. They said that the photograph was taken while the family was on vacation in Mexico City, Mexico during the summer of this year. The sender and family state that they did not see the anomalous objects in the photo, until they got home to Denmark, and went through all of their vacation photos.

source and references:

Photograph © Karin L. / Denmark


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