Unknown Object near Plane at Sunderland Air Show

Hi B.J,

If you remember I sent you a video of a white object and as I said in my last email the Sunderland Air Show was on at the weekend and it turns out a friend of mine captured a strange pink object on camera. Its a bit better than the footage I got. My friend who was at the air show watched as the airplane took off and as the plane went off into the distance this strange pink object was seen following it.

He sent me the photographs and I thought I would pass them on to you. Attached to this email is the original image and on the image I have marked where the object is and where the plane is. I have also attached an enlargement of the UFO and three enlargements of the UFO . This photo was taken on July 30 in Sunderland, England U. K at the "Sunderland Air Show".


Sam Willey


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