UFOs Videotaped over Sunderland Air Show, U K
I remember a while ago someone submitted a UFO sighting from the Sunderland Air Show Sorry if the object appears a bit small and out of focus but for a split second the auto focus on my camcorder latched onto it and you can clearly see that it is 2 silver orbs rotating around each other.

I am convinced they weren't balloons because I can't recollect any balloons being on sale or anybody holding them, plus silver balloons aren't very common, also people normally have one balloon on a piece of string and not 2.

Visibility was excellent and there was virtually no wind. It was about 26 degrees C.

Thanks for your time,

Regards. John S. Sunderland/England

And a big thanks to John for sending in an excellent piece of film.

Note: I have run the original video through once, and then zoomed in on the objects more closely, and isolated them the second time through. (B J)

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