Unknown Object Photographed over Szprotawa, July, 2006

Szprotawa [woj.Lubuskie], mid July 2006

. The same man, who on July 18th 2006 took a photo of a triangular UFO over Szprotawa [woj.Lubuskie], photographed another one, as it seems a disc-shaped object, in the middle of July 2006.

It photo was taken on a housing estate called "the Airport" [an old, post-Soviet airport].

The witness, Mr. Dariusz W., wrote:

"I haven't seen it. I tried to took some photos when no birds would be seen but as I recently stressed, this possibility couldn't be excluded. I'm interested in UFOs and I tried to capture some with my camera. I applied FUJIFILM FinePix A345 4.1 M/P."

The witness took also some other photos.

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