Unknown object filmed near Tahlequah, OK, 06-12-05

The UFO Casebook received the following UFO sighting report with photographs on 06-24-05.

My wife took several pictures of the sky on the morning of June 12 on my way back to church from our cabin up highway 10 on the Illinois River near Tahlequah, OK. It was close to Sparrow Hawk Mountain, around 8:30 A.M.

I enjoy your website and watch the skies, and when looking at my wife's pictures, I noticed the object in one of my pictures.

The picture just before the one with the visible object has a purple upside down umbrella looking haze in the same location. I am emailing you both pictures. If you want the higher resolution pictures, please email me and let me know.


K. D.

source and references:

Eyewitness K. D.and Wife

UFO Casebook online report


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