Photograph of Unknown Object; Tahlequah, Oklahoma, 2005
UFO The UFO Casebook received four photographs from Keith, and all of them were excellent pictures, but only photo # 1's object was large enough to make a report on.

All pictures were taken around 7:43 A.M. within less than a minute along HW 10 close to Sparrow Hawk Mountain near Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

The first image has a silver elipse. The second has a purple oval haze that looks like an upside down umbrella. The last two images have something (presumably the silver ball) by the clouds to the left, and then behind the sun to the left. We discovered this weeks later by zooming in as far as we could in Kodak Easyshare.

Zoom in on the silver ufo in the first image. Adjusting brightness and contrast helps in seeing it better.

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