POLAND: Unidentified object photographed over Bialystok, 2006
Bialystok [woj.podlaskie], January 1st 2006, 00:18.- One of the first POSSIBLE UFO photos taken in 2006.

Mr. Pawel Targonski took photo presenting a strange object of unknown origin on January 1st 2006 at 00:18. It was taken with a camera Kodak Easyshare C300.

The purpose was to photograph fireworks but it wasn't always possible to take a photo of them. The object was noticed on the next day while the photos were downloaded to a computer.

The object wasn't visible when the photo was taken. The author was located on Mickiewicz's Street and the object seems to hover over ponds on this street.

It isn't known yet if someone other present on New Year Eve party took a similar one photo.

The case remains unsolved and the object is still unidentified.

source and references:

prepared by: TI [Terra Incognita, POLAND] - http://www.ti.org.pl/,

published on: TINH Institute website: www.tinh.hk.pl

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