Man Attacked by Spaceship is Dead at 89
UFO 22 March 2007-Cops probed UFO sighting

By Marie Sharp

THE SCOT at the centre of the only UFO police inquiry in British history has died, aged 89. Forestry worker Bob Taylor was 61 when he reported a bizarre encounter with a spaceship which he said happened while he was walking his dog. It triggered a criminal investigation into the incident which was treated as assault.

Almost 30 years later, police say the case remains open and unsolved. Bob told officers that he had found the craft - a metal sphere, about 20ft across - in Dechmont Woods, Livingston, West Lothian. As he approached it, two smaller spheres, each about 3ft wide and with metal spikes sticking from them, dropped down. He said the smaller spheres rolled towards him and attached themselves to his trousers.Bob described an acrid smell before collapsing unconscious on the ground.

When he came round 20 minutes later, he said his head was pounding and he was unable to talk or walk. But as he recovered, he crawled back to his truck and managed to make his way back home.

A doctor who examined him found grazes on his leg and under his chin. There was no sign of head injury or any condition which could have caused a blackout. But the heavy trousers he had been wearing were ripped around the ankles.

Police called to the scene reported finding ladder-shaped indentations in the ground where the craft was said to have stood and marks following the path of the mine-like objects. They said they were "completely baffled" by what had happened. The story sparked interest around the world.

Dechmont is regularly visited by UFO enthusiasts. Bob moved away from the area following the encounter. He had been living in a nursing home at an undisclosed address when he died from bronchial pneumonia last week.

Speaking three years ago - on the 25th anniversary of the November 9, 1979, incident - Bob insisted

he had no doubt about what he had seen. He said: "I stand by every word of my account.

"I told it as it happened and it's as clear as yesterday. It is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me.

"I know what I saw and it looked like a spaceship, a huge flying dome.

"I'm not surprised there has been so much interest in it over the years as it was such an incredible thing to happen."

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