Sullivan County Tennessee UFO Sighting, 1989
Sullivan County, TN, July 1989

I interviewed two witnesses today. One, an elderly woman and the other, her son. These witnesses related to me a sighting which took place in the summer, July of 1989.

The two witnesses were sitting under the edge of their carport enjoying the pleasant night and it was about midnight. One witness (the son) noted a very large and burning object moving straight at them and very low on the horizon. Both witnesses began watching as the object passed slowly overhead. Separately, they described the object as being almost wing like and slightly swept back on its extreme ends.

Shape was described as alar, with an aspect of 8 X 1, (8 being width) The object was seen to be burning intensely and "dripping fire", much like burning plastic. They described that as the object passed overhead, the fire was dripping straight down and not trailing behind it as it moved and that it was of a relative size equal to their arms spread wide, exceptionally large.

The object passed them and moved off to the southeast continuing to drip fire and passed Holston mountain in the distance. The moment it was out of view, a deep intense rumble was heard from the direction of the object. The object was noted to have been moving very slowly, the duration of the sighting agreed to by both witnesses, having lasted at least one minute, possibly more.

The primary witness called the FAA office at tri-city airport and was told that nothing was/had been present on radar. He also called the local Sheriff office where he was told that many calls had came in and that they did not know what it was.

Having checked cataloged sightings for that approximate date, we can arrive at no conclusions except that it must have been a fantastic sighting.

Kim Shaffer

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