Two Unknown Objects in Photograph from Texas
 Texas UFO

I have a question for you. My husband is a commercial real estate agent in Texas and last week he was taking pictures with a digital camera of a property one of his clients is buying.

When he loaded the pictures on his computer, we were shocked when we saw two dark items in the sky. When we enlarged them, it was very clear that they weren't a 'normal' aircraft...

I sent them to my brother and he didn't believe us. He suspected that we had used photo shop to insert them, which we don't even know how to use...

What do you suggest we do with this picture? If my own brother won't even believe us, I'm a little skeptical to approach anyone in our home town. They will probably think the same!!!




I wrote Chris back and asked her to send me the photograph, which she did. After giving it a good look, I was at a loss to explain what the two objects could be.

I told her that possibly one of our readers might have an explanation for the two unknown objects. If any of you have a guess on this one, send me an email.

Texas, July 2007

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