The Mystery of the Xendra

The Xendra One of the most mysterious cases relating to the UFO phenomena is the recent report of the Xendra; supposedly a temporal doorway into a parallel reality, occupied by alien beings. The Xendra, (pronounced "shen-drah") first appeared on Sunday, March 31, 2002, after being heralded by Peruvian ufologist Sixto Paz in February, 2002. Paz had forecast the coming of the Xendra as an "alien contact" event. The events reportedly occurred near Rancagua, Chile. Paz and several members of a new age group called "Grupo Rama" met for a three-day seminar on UFOs at Los Cipreses National Park near the city of Rancagua on March 29. The meeting was a camp-out affair on a bluff overlooking the Rio Cipreses canyon.

Paz made an announcment to group members and visitors that the doorway was "forming in the air." As if to perform on cue, suddenly the Xendra made its appearance. According to Paz and other members of the group, twenty-four Chileans, the majority of them Grupo Rama members, left the others and walked under the other-worldly formation. Onlookers described the Xendra as a "blue" or "luminous" arch which measure 429 feet wide. Witness accounts stated that the twenty-four adventurers simply vanished into the dimensional doorway.

Many other visitors were present besides those of Paz's group, being in attendance at the International Congress of Extraterrestrial Contact. Paz was one of the keynote speakers, and was well-known and respected among the community of Chilean UFO believers. He had previously stated that he was a contactee, and was given the information of upcoming events by the aliens themselves. Naturally, Paz's predictions had brought a larger crowd unusual, and even more interest was generated on March 30, when eyewitnesses saw "unidentified" targets glowing in the skies over the canyon.

"They were as bright as giant light bulbs," claimed one eyewitness.

"These types of UFO sightings assured us that something was going to happen," Valdivieto said, "During the previous occasions when the contact took place, the people included in the teleportation were suddenly aware of the interdimensional gateway or Xendra. They somehow learned that through this door, they would have managed to establish contact with extraterrestrial beings."

"On Sunday (March 31, 2002) at around noon, 24 persons in three groups entered a dimensional gateway that appeared by itself over the terrain. It was a kind of dome, a luminous archway measuring four by four meters. They (the participants) lost their materiality without disappearing completely. Upon entering, they met several (alien) characters who waited within and received information," said Valdivieto, 28, himself a Chilean ufologist and eyewitness to the event.

According to Valdivieto, the contact experience was "dimensional."

"I can't say it was physical like shaking someone's hand, but it was as though we crossed (the threshold) into a different reality."

Valdivieto claimed that he did not cross the doorway or Xendra himself, because he wanted to be a witness to the phenomenon. The 24 participants were "all professionals, college students of high intellectual levels, mostly Chileans, and some were members of Grupo Rama, a New Age association."

In a striking contrast, Eduardo Fouri, an investigator for Chile's Centro de Fenomenos Aereos Anomalos (Center for Anomalous Aerial Phenomena.), or CEFAA completely debunked Valdivieto's story, adding that he himself "had participated in the event" at Rio Cipreses "and had seen absolutely nothing."

"Everyone was eager to have an experience and, on the last day, Sixto Paz said that a blue arch was forming in the air," Fouri said, "I went to look and could see no such blue arch. Seven Chileans (not twenty four) were selected to cross through this 'Xendra' that was forming. The truth is, I went to look and I didn't see anyone dematerializing into thin air."

To make matters even more confusing, CEFAA itself negated Fouri's statement. Gustavo Rodriguez, national Secretary of CEFAA, "explained that the opinion was that of an external collaborator and that it did not represent the committee's opinion."

"We do not have an opinion in this regard," Rodriguez said, "First, because we lack information. Second, we were never invited to the meeting. And third, Sr. Sixto Paz never contacted us. What appeared in the newspapers was the opinion of an external collaborator."

Paz continued to insist that the events happened exactly as he initially claimed. He stated that the volunteers; "did have an interdimensional experience" at Rio Cipreses. In an interview with Terra Chile, Paz said, "The initial effort was made to ensure excellence by trying to keep a large number of people from attending, only those who had been prepared over time for the importance of the (contact) mission--constancy, continuity and discipline--to maintain the right vibratory level" for entry into the Xendra."

The Xendra Location

Area of the formation

"Everyone wanted to be at the site to see what would happen," Paz reported, "This was a serious error, because neither I nor anyone else is the 'lucky rabbit's foot' that can ensure an alien contact experience. This depends exclusively upon each and every one of the participants, as well as the conditions I just mentioned." "From a height we could see the impressive canyon of the Rio Cipreses, safeguarded by steep and mighty red-and-gray mountains. The vista was incredible and truly stunning. The sky was clear, without any clouds or haze." "It was a new (campsite) area, recently laid out.

For this reason, the restrooms and other facilities were operational but still unfinished. This location guaranteed solitude and privacy since most park visitors tend to go to well-known areas."

"The first thing that was done at the (camp) site was to designate locations for objects being unloaded from cars, and then we worked on the harmonization and protection of the area. To achieve this, everyone present formed two large circles, and we issued a prayer or meditation to the guardian spirits of the four corners of the Earth and the seven Galactic Directions, drawn from the magnificent teachings of the great modern prophet, Jose Arguelles of Las Trece Lunas (The Thirteen Moons) movement."

When the 24 participants passed beneath the Xendra, each encountered entities which were described as "robed, bald-headed humanoids" and were given separate messages. While the individual messages varied, Paz explained, there were two predictions that were common to all.

One, that Chile would be the site of more alien contacts in the months to come.

Two, that the aliens intended to establish "a permanent presence" in the "Southern Zone," i.e. South America, Africa and Australia.

Meanwhile, the participants are busily getting out the Xendra message. On Friday, May 10, 2002, witness Camilo Valdivieto, 28, organized a seminar of his own in Santiago de Chile. Seminar topics included the following: (1) "The Existence of a New Order;" (2) "Secrets of the Subterranean World;" and (3) "The Actuality of Extraterrestrial Contact." (See NotiOVNI for May 5, 2002.

The murky facts concerning the Xendra are reminiscent of the 1950s case of George Adamski, one of the original so-called "contactees." Adamski claimed to communicate with the Venusians, among others, and take fantastic rides on extraterrestrial spaceships. He amassed a large following during his heyday. He also was responsible for taking clear pictures of Alien craft. Adamski has been deemed a liar and a lunatic by most serious UFO researchers, although he still has a following today. Until more factual testimony and proof is received, the mystery of the Xendra will remain.

B J Booth

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