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Timothy Good has Proof that UFOs are "Out There"
UFO Timothy Good has been studying UFOs for half a century, combining his passion for UFOs with a successful career as a violinist. While many people may remain sceptical about whether or not UFOs actually exist, Timothy says that he's uncovered military and intelligence reports that do indeed prove UFOs are 'out there'. His seventh book on the subject has just been released; it's called Need to Know: UFOs, the Military and Intelligence.

Timothy admits that not all UFO's are extra-terrestrial beings. "That's very important," he says, "and it's known that up to 90% of UFO reports can be explained in conventional terms... that still leaves tens of thousands of reports."

He has some theories about where the extra-terrestrial beings are coming from. "I do think some of them definitely come from other civilisations, not necessarily all of them extra-terrestrial . I think - it's an outrageous theory, I'm not the first to propound the theory - but I am convinced that some of the activity comes from right here on earth, from an advanced civilisation which perhaps remains hidden to us, and perhaps relating to our past...

"Some of the beings who are alleged to have established communication with us human beings say that we are a genetic by-product by them of genetic engineering... I certainly can't prove that; there's no documentation for that, but given that many of these beings are very, very similar to human beings albeit tens of thousands of years in advance of us, I think it's not such a ridiculous idea."

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