Unknown Object Photographed over Toronto, Ontario, Canada
UFO I am feeling very glad right now to provide 2 photos of possible UFO, which I encountered on the night of 30th July, 2006 in my city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The time was around 10:20 PM. I was just about to exit my house and I saw this strange craft hovering just above my street at approximately 100 ft above the ground.

The object made no sound whatsoever. The object seemed to be having two wings, but it was not like an airplane that's for 100% sure. When I saw it, I quickly grabbed my Sony DSCW5 digital camera and snapped the first picture.

As the camera flashed, it looked like it was about to leave as it started to move in western direction (as it was facing the western direction.) Then again quickly, I was able to snap the second photo before it disappeared in a flash.

There are two witnesses with me, my 22 year old cousin and 19 year old sister. The weather was perfectly clear that day with only a little clouds, it was warm on that day with approximately 30* C.

Thank you to the witness for the report and photographs.


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