Chevron-shaped Object Seen Near Tracy, California
DATE: January 9, 2006 TIME: 12:36 am

WEATHER: a few wispy clouds, sky cleaned from heavy rains all week, crisp, bright, quarter moon nigh, with stars, very clear.

SIGHTING LOCATION: on the highway 5 interstate, going south through Tracy, California.

THOUGHT GOING THRU MY MIND.... whoa! where did THAT come from?


NUMBER_OF_OBJECTS: 2, at separate intervals.

SHAPE_OF_OBJECTS: the 1st was a slight chevron. The second was the chevron from the back side, sort of.


I love watching the sky when we are out of the range of too many city lights. While relaxing on the passengers side, I turned away from window watching for just half a moment. Just a minute before there had been nothing there.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed an annoying streak on my window that was sort of blocking my view of the stars. Turning to look at the streak, directly, I saw it was not on the window but in the sky.

What made the streak pronounced was that it appeared to be slightly glowing. It looked like a night-time chem trail starting, but it was not super high in the sky. It was low, like at commercial airplane level.

The streak in question appeared to be making itself, because I could not see a source for it yet. The streak appeared to be getting larger, and longer. When it was as thick as a number two pencil, and about to pass directly over head, I could see what was making it.

There appeared to be a small bar of red-orange coal with a yellow center point, making the streak. As the thing passed directly overhead, just under the moon, I stuck my head out of the window to get a better look at it.

It now appeared to be a single bar, slight chevron, shaped object. Not as hard angled as a boomerang.

It looked just like a smoldering coal, red orange at the extremities, culminating in yellow, and yellow white, at the slight apex point, like it was it's hottest there, or something.

I could clearly see what I thought was a chem trail, was clearly exhaust from this thing. The exhaust had been glowing from a few miles back, way before this object crossed over head, and into the moonlight.

I could see no fuselage, just a wing shape, and what made the exhaust spectacular was, it appeared to be glowing as it came out and long after it was expelled. It reach at least a mile across the sky!

There was no division in this exhaust. Some chem trails can clearly be seen as two divided trails originating from its source. This exhaust came from the whole length of the wing with no divisions in it, like white water from the wake of a fast motor boat.

Even at a mile long it followed the wake of the object, it did not diffuse or get fluffy. It appeared to be traveling with the object even though it was extremely long, like the tail of a comet.

Minutes after the object had passed directly overhead, the remainder of the tail of exhaust took at least a full minute to finish passing over as well, it was that long. It was not disappearing like smoke, it was trailing the object, intact, just getting longer but definitely NOT lingering like a chem trail. Even in a car, when a plane is as low as this object was, one can hear the rumble with the window open. I heard no engine sound, and there was no other light source on this seemingly lit from inside object.

It took at least 10 minutes from the time I spotted the glowing exhaust, until the actual source of the exhaust passed directly over the car going from east to west. Once it passed over the car I couldn't lean across the car's driver to follow it. I thought about it for some 8 minutes when, I noticed a nervously twinkling object passing back from west to east.

There were no lights on it, the whole object itself, appeared to be twinkling.

One tell-tale thing about this object was, it had a glowing exhaust following it, as well. It was much higher in the sky than the other one had been, and appeared very star like, but you could clearly see it's glowing exhaust wake following it.

It looked very like a comet going away, I personally think it was the same object seen prior, but now it was being viewed from a different angle.

Neither sighting left visible chem trail, but minutes after sticking my head out the car window to observe the object better as it passed overhead, I was seized with violent sneezing, and a great need to start coughing.

just speculation, probably. peace


Thanks a lot Taykn for sending in your report.

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