Passengers on Transavia Airlines Report UFO, 11-15-06

Depiction of Object Ovni in Holland-15 of November of 2006 (0: 39: 32)-Luis Aparicio:

Lúcia Alves, who lives in Almere in Holland, flew B6ZPPZ of the Transavia Airlines (Grupo KLM) in the airport of Faro, with departure to the 18,55 Hours of day 12 of September of 2006, and arrived at the 22,45 hours (local hour) the Roterdăo in Holland.

It was only a two hour trip. Flight was very calm and tranquil, having been carried through to the prescribed altitude.

When arriving near Paris in France, the pilot had to lower the altitude. When it arrived in Holland, the pilot announced that passengers on the right side of plane had observed an unknown flying object, about the 22,20 hours (dutch hour), for about five minutes.

Many Portuguese passengers and of other nationalities had been able to observe this UFO. All of this event was observed below the clouds, according to Lúcia Alves, who knew well the difference between the object and normal air traffic.

When the airplane prepared to land in Roterdăo, lowered the landing gear and placed at sight its powerful focus of light. The object moved from front of plane to back as plane made its landing approach.

The UFO was very illuminated with colors, turns yellow, red and yellowish white during the time space that was possible to be observed. This comment during about five minutes, was made at night and below of clouds.

The UFO had intermittent colors like a Christmas tree. The colors moved from left to right.

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