Triangle UFO Videotaped over Phoenix, AZ

B J,

How is everything? It's been a little while since I had a sighting. It's not for the lack of effort. I've been going outside day and night looking for anything suspicious but have come up with nothing for a few months, until now.

Tonight started out like any other night except for the dust storm that rolled in around 10pm. Then I noticed a stationary light in the sky to the North that seemed out of place. I used my camera to zoom in on it expecting it to be a star but it was moving South very slowly in my direction. I blew it off thinking it was a plane and started putting the lounge chair cushions away because of the wind storm.

While putting the cushions away I couldn't stop thinking about the light I thought was a plane. I went back to the camera after a few minutes and zoomed in on it trying to see if this was airplane lights. Again, it did looked like a plane so I stopped watching it and continued searching other parts of the sky. I would check back on the plane/light from time to time to see if anything looked familiar but I still thought it was a plane.

After a few minutes I decided to pack it in. Then I saw a flash where the light was and put the camera back on the tripod just to see if anything changed. When I zoomed in I saw 2 lights which looked like stars and became excited. I knew this meant there was probably a 3rd light somewhere and sure enough there was a 3rd light completing the triangle. It wasn't a perfect triangle. There was one light in the lead position and the other 2 below and to the right when I first spotted it.

The triangle was heading South for about 3 minutes and then turned to the East very slowly. You can see the lead light is now below the other 2 on the right and then the triangle started to slow down almost to a standstill. In the last 20 seconds of this 4 minute sighting the lights went out one by one until it was gone.

The temperature was around 95 degrees, clear but with 25 mph NW wind gusts from the unexpected dust storm. No other witnesses.

Hope you enjoy and thank you again,

Rich Giordano

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Rich Giordano

Phx, Az

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