Montage of Triangle UFOs

Triangle UFOs are Everywhere

23-Feb-2005-Mysterious black triangles have been reported in Canada and Maryland, and now Dr. Mark Olson of Sonora, California has taken spectacular video of two of them. A sighting of a huge black triangle was reported to over West Hollywood, California on February 5, but no images were obtained.

Black triangles have been a feature of UFO sightings at least since the seventies, and are responsible for some of the most spectacular sightings ever recorded, among them the passage of an enormous triangle across Arizona during the Phoenix Lights event in March of 1977.

A black triangle was spotted in the sky over Maryland on February 9. As is usual with these sightings, there were no lights on the UFO and it was totally silent—the witness simply saw a black triangle shape that blotted out the stars in the night sky.

Mysterious black triangles have been part of UFO folklore for years. Sightings of low-flying and silent aircraft are scattered across websites dedicated to the study of other-worldly activity.

The National Institute for Discovery Science, a group devoted to the study of unexplained phenomena, has gathered hundreds of reports from across U.S. and Canada of similar aircraft, often flying in high-population areas near major interstates.

One theory holds that the black triangles are experimental military blimps or balloons, perhaps equipped with electrokinetic propulsion systems, which would make them silent.

The military has never confirmed the existence of such balloons, but according to many UFO websites, Lockheed Martin did begin work on a triangular stealth blimp in 1982. NIDS issued a report in August 2004 suggesting that the black triangles may be some kind of military aircraft, though the truth about them is not known.

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