Montage of Triangle UFOs

Precursory UFOS in France: Black masses with beams, Triangles, Boomerangs...

By Christian Macé

Black mass with beams of Carcès, Var, France, in 1975

This Monday February 10, 1975, towards 8 p.m. 20, Mr. FRAISSE, grocer with Carcès was at the wheel of its car and rolled on N562 connecting Brignolles to Carcès. Arrived at the locality "the Old Barn", it sees a gleam on the roadside.

It does not pay initially so much attention to it [... ] By taking the turn, the car which is equipped with four quartz halogen lamps, lights an odd, motionless object to 5 or 6 meters of the ground.

The object is to around fifty of meters of the witness when the radio set of edge is scrambled to end up not emitting any sound more. Intrigued by this dark mass, Mr. FRAISSE arranges his vehicle on the left side of the roadway while letting idle his engine.

He extinguishes then the headlights for better observing without going down from his car. An odd object was, motionless there; an object whose dimensions could be evaluated with about fifteen meters length on two meters height. The machine was presented in the form of an only one compact block, entirely black, on which however, five or six rectangular port-holes were visible.

On the end of the most lengthened part (see drawing), it emitted an indefinable, yellowish gleam and blafarde, a little as a light which one sees through an opaque pane. the same luminosity was found under the object and through the port-holes. The light emitted under the machine left in conical beam the center of the cupola [... ] Drawn from review OURANOS n° 14 (1975).

To compare: Black mass with beams of Carcès, those of the vagueness of UFO of November 05, 1990 in France: to see sketch of the book of Franck Marie "UFO-Contact", page 465: case of Green-the-Large (dépt 91) and Green-St-Denis (dépt 77). The similarities are extraordinary!

Triangles of 1976, in France :

See the book "They met the Extraterrestrial ones", by Rene Pacaut, Editions Alain Lefeuvre, appeared in 1978. Pages 137-139. Inquire on the spot of Rene Pacaut.

Several witnesses observe a Triangle on June 18, 1976, in Pierre-of-Bresse, valley of Doubs. It was a little more than 23 H. Testimony of Pierre Castle, mechanic in the civil aviation in Dijon: "It was enough for me to a few seconds to make sure that it could not be a question of a plane, for multiple reasons.

First of all, this machine did not have of it the form and the luminous accessories of which it was provided were at the very least odd. In the point of the Triangle located at front, two lights white and orange flickered.

On the side of the Triangle which constituted the back of this machine, two enormous headlights were lit. And they were surely not landing lights since they were with the back. Moreover, this strange machine slipped most silently of the world, of north in the south. Lastly, it went much more slowly than slowest from all the planes."

Then, quotation: "So slowly, that Pierre Château has time to go to seek his camera and to return, to make, with judged, three stereotypes and that his/her François brother can provide himself with his binoculars.

The observers occur them in turn for better following the UFO. Because it was one, affirms Mrs. Château. The lights which it projected were absolutely unreal and the spectacle was so feeric that one could not detach our eyes of them.

The witnesses estimate that they could observe the machine during more than five long minutes before it does not disappear towards north, behind the houses of the borough.

It is a spectacle which I will never forget, Germain Castle repeats. I could not suspect that there are such beautiful colors. By misfortune the stereotypes, taken by his/her son under the worst conditions, did not make it possible to preserve an image of this gigantic moving Triangle... ". End of quotation.

The book "UFO, the end of the secrecy", by Robert Roussel, Belfond Editions, published in 1978, mentions this business, pages 267-268 :

"A Triangular form"! :

It is a question of 3 military observers: the sentinel, the lance sergeant, and the chief of station of the ammunition dump of Mussuguet, camp of Carpiagne (CIABC), Marseilles. It was on November 04, 1976, towards 9 p.m. 45. A Triangular form, emitting a red light with front, nontwinkling, and an intense white gleam with the back.

Displacement at low speed. Observed during a few seconds.

It came from the direction of Marseilles by flying over the camp of Carpiagne... Then the apparatus disappeared at a very high speed in the direction of the mounts of Ciotat. Not least noise! Even work that that above-named. Pages 121-122. "a Triangle with, with each angle, a white light".

November 26, 1976, at 6 p.m. 05. Close of the village of Saint-Nazaire-to Aude, Aude. Two witnesses. Takeoff of a machine of triangular form, bearing of the dazzling white headlights motionless. While rising with the vertical, a noise of blower. And quotation: "In the center of the machine, when they transfer it to rise in the airs, they clearly noticed a red light comparable with a conduit".

The Triangle of Brettnach, in the Moselle, France (East), 1977 :

This Monday December 8, 1977, towards 5 p.m. 15, Mr. MERY moved towards Brettnach (57), while coming from Bouzonville. Before penetrating in the village of Brettnach, it had noticed, far in front of him two yellow headlights [... ] Mr. MERY was to note that the gleams came from a dark object triangular, equilateral, and that a third yellow headlight was visible and that the object had in its center a large fixed red headlight.

Mr. MERY had stopped his vehicle, without cutting the contact, to leave and better observe the object; what enabled him to note that a certain relief was visible, but indefinable, under the dark mass, because of the shades projected by the yellow headlights placed at each top of the triangle.

No noise was perceptible, no anomaly of signal (headlights and engine of the vehicle) had not appeared.

The object moved slowly, one of the points of the "triangle" ahead. Then, to approximately 45 - 50° of slope above ground-level, the object started to disappear slowly, a little as if it were inserted in fog; initially the headlight of head disappeared, then those on the sides and then the red headlight [... ]. :

Investigation for the CFRU (French Circle of Ufologiques Research) of Michel Turco. ("Ufologia" n°16, ex re-examined CFRU). The author of these lines was the person in charge for section CFRU of the Essonne during a score of years, during the activities of this organization. In the Seventies, during the period of regrouping of various Ufologiques associations under the aegis of the CFRU, fire the friend Jimmy Guieu was the person in charge for the investigations of the CFRU!

To compare: Triangle of Brettnach (3 yellow headlights and a central red headlight), identical to those of the 1st vague Belgian the evening of November 29, 1989, from 5 p.m. 24! ! !

The only minor difference, it was that in Brettnach the 3 headlights were of yellow color, whereas in Belgium they were of white color. Without that, all was there already in Brettnach!!!

Other remarkable analogies: the Moselle (East France) is not far from Belgium. The Triangle of Brettnach of December 08, 1977 was observed at 5 p.m. 15, and the 1st vague Belgian of 29 November 1989 started at 5 p.m. 24! Practically the same hour!

In addition, we are about during the same period: December 08 for Brettnach, and on November 29 for Belgium! The Triangles of 1976 in France are also of appearance... identical!

To also note with force these other astonishing resemblances of all these Triangles: circulation at low altitude, and a slow speed! ! ! And without noise! (Except in the case of Saint-Nazaire-in Aude, with one time this noise of blower).

Let us recall that furtive plane American F117A (the first!), achieves its inaugural flight in... June 1981(1)!!!... Therefore, it could not be this furtive plane F117A!!! These cases destroy the legend of the furtive plane!!!

The boomerang of Gruson, North, France, 1975 : To compare: The boomerang of Gruson (Northern of France), night of August 16, 1975 (2) and the wave of boomerangs from February 05, 1992 in Williamsport, county of Lycoming, in the State of Pennsylvania, the USA (3). Let us compare by elsewhere this boomerang of Gruson, with that of Arcachon (the Gironde), of Friday August 05, 1983, at 11 p.m. 40.

The resemblance is astonishing! The witness of Arcachon, Charles C, is a draftsman. See the relation of its observation, review "Lights in the Night" n° 241-242, July-August 1984, pages 20 to 25.

1 - See the book of Robert Roussel "UFO, the hidden truths of the official investigation", Editions Albin Michel.

2 - See the book of Robert Roussel "UFO, the end of the secrecy", Belfond Editions: sketch in the photographic inset plate and narration of the case pages 54 to 58.

3 - See on this subject the article of Doctor Samuel Vague Greco "of UFO on Williamsport", pages 116 to 144. Page 132: form boomerang = 78,8 % of the observations! drawn from the book of Timothy Good "E.T. Connection", Editions Presses of the City.

New freeze frame :

Black mass with beams of Carcès: in 1975; Boomerang of Gruson: in 1975; Triangles of 1976 in France, and that of 1977 in Brettnach, France.

These shapes of UFO precursors, in France, were going to fit in the Nineties, large waves: that of November 29, 1989 in Belgium for the Triangles, that of November 05, 1990 in France for the Triangles, black masses with beams, and boomerangs!

Curiously, these 2 waves occurred during same NOVEMBER!

Then that of February 05 1992 in the USA, in the State of Pennsylvania, for the boomerangs.

Would years 75-76-77 have been the starting point of the installation of a new technology on behalf of certain UFO?


written by Christian Macé, Ufologue in France.

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