Three Triangular areas of sky devoid of stars over Tennessee

AUFORC received a report that on Friday Night/Saturday morning at 01:35 a trucker was exiting 1-40 onto I-81 north. The sky was especially clear and stars were extremely visible. The driver states that as he got up to speed on 1-81, he noted a strange absence of stars in a large area of sky ahead and to his left...He drove for several minutes and kept watching the strange occurrence in the sky until he got to an area where he could exit his truck.

He got out in a dark area and took note of the time and it was 01:54. He states that what he saw was almost unexplainable, 3 triangular areas in the sky devoid of stars. As he looked, the stars would appear behind and disappear in front of the dark areas. he noted these three areas were triangular and in perfect formation , moving very slowly westward. After watching the phenomenon for about 14 more minutes, he had to leave to finish his job. He did also note some difference in the triangular objects from the background sky but barely, faintly visible, possibly slightly lit from ground light.


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Report © Kim Shaffer AUFORC/ Tn MUFON SD

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