'Tell us the truth on moorland UFO'(Wales Crash 1974)
'Tell us the truth on moorland UFO' Feb 23 2006-By Hywel Trewyn, Daily Post

A UFO investigator hopes to unravel a 30-year mystery - did spacemen land on a North Wales mountain? Unexplained lights in the sky, an earthquake and secretive men in suits all happened on a dark winter's night in 1974 as the people of Llandderfel and Llandrillo, villages in the Berwyn mountains near Bala, sat down to their evening's TV.

But the quiet was shattered by the rumbles of an earthquake, registering 3.5 on the Richter scale.As people ran from their houses, fearing another tremor, they witnessed a blaze of light on the mountain side above.

A local nurse and her daughters watched as a huge eggshaped craft lay on the ground with a pulsating orange and red glow. Police converged on the mountains, expecting to discover a crashed passenger jet - but what they did find has never been divulged.

Some think it was an experimental man-made top secret military aircraft, possibly a prototype Stealth bomber. Others believe it was an alien craft from another world. The incident fired the imagi-nation of many, including UFO researcher Russell Kellett ,who now is trying to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Next month Mr Kellett, 42, will reveal what he claims are "the true facts" at a meeting in Bala. It will be at the White Lion Hotel on March 25, at 1pm. Mr Kellett, who lives in Filey, North Yorkshire, says he has 115 pages of documents about the "UFO crash" about which he insists there was a "cover-up."

Last night Mr Kellett said: "I've had some information given to me, testimonies from a group of gentlemen. I have 115 pages of documents but the Ministry of Defence have told me that under the Freedom of Information Act I can't have documents "because of the fractious and conjure of internal discretion".

Mr Kellett believes "they're talking gobbledegook."

Mr Kellett said on that night some personnel were given information to "expect 50 flashes of light in the sky".

But, strangely, there are no records this exercise took place.

What was in those mystery boxes?

IN true X-Files style there were reports of soldiers mysteriously arriving in the area and stopping people on their way home.

One woman claimed she saw "coffin shaped" boxes being loaded aboard MoD vehicles.

Previous UFO researchers said they were contacted by soldiers claiming they removed "bodies" to Porton Down, the top-secret MoD germ warfare laboratory.

Farmer Hugh Lloyd, of Garthiaen, Llandrillo, who was 14 at the time, remembers seeing "this incredibly bright light lit up the sky, like an arc welder, two or three miles away, lasting for about 20-30 seconds."

Although he never discovered the source of the light, a mysterious, colourful rock was found nearby by his sister a couple of days later.

It was sent to London University but they have never seen it since.

Mr Lloyd said: "I do not believe that it was a UFO but I would like to find out exactly what it was."

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