Two More Photographs of UFO over O'Hare by Employee

Editors Note: The following post was sent to me with links to two photographs. Allegedly, the man is an employee who was on duty and saw the UFO at O'Hare on November 7, 2006.

Name: OIA employee

Date: January 28, 2007

I just posted these two pics I took of the object. You can believe them or not, but I am washing my hands of them and never want to see another UFO again! I do not need the hassle.

I was there and took these photos with my cellphone. The object moved, as you can tell but very slowly. I tried posting this here earlier but failed for some reason.

This is my last attempt. The quality is poor. I am sorry but it is the real deal. I do NOT want any publicity about this. I just want the photos analyzed to see what the hell it could be.

UFO over O'Hare Airport

UFO UFO over O'Hare Airport

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