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UFO Crash Cases

1897 The Aurora, Texas crash

1920 Possible UFO Crash in Iowa

1941 Missouri Crash & Retrieval

1946 Spitzbergen, Norway Crash

1947 The Roswell, New Mexico Crash

1947 Maury Island UFO Crash

1948 The Aztec, New Mexico Crash

1950 The Mexico City Crash

1953 The Arizona UFO Crash

1962 UFO Crashes in Las Vegas

1965 The Kecksburg, Pennsylvania Crash

1967 The Shag Harbor Crash

1969 The Russian Crash, Sverdlovsky

1971 Edwards AFB Crash with Abductee

1974 UFO Crash; Llandrillo, Wales, U K

1974 Disk crash in Chihuahua, Mexico

1974 Object crashes in Cardondale, Pennsylvania

1989 Kalahari, South Africa Crash

1989 Russian UFO Crash

1989 UFOs Battle over Russia

1997 UFO Crash Video

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