UFOs and Gravity Drive
By Dr. Robert E. Farrell (www.alienlog.com)
There are many reasons why people are skeptical about the existence of UFOs. Some cite the lack of hard physical evidence. Others are skeptical of UFO reports because of the unbelievable things people report them doing. This paper will focus on the reported behavior of UFOs and offer arguments to support the hypothesis that UFOs propel themselves by creating or manipulating gravitational fields.


It is not the intent of this paper to make “believers” out of “non-believers”. There are those who would deny the existence of UFOs even if one landed on the White House lawn. To them, it would represent another hoax perpetrated by Hollywood. Just like the moon landings of the sixties and seventies.

There is virtually no “hard” physical evidence available for public viewing. Other than those who have had a UFO encounter, those who do “believe” do so by a combination of faith and logic. Today, the real evidence lies in the mountain of testimonies from eyewitnesses. In the United States alone, there are several hundred sightings reported each month. There are probably a higher number of sightings that go unreported because of the stigma attached. Many sightings are by trained observers such as astronomers, airline and military pilots, radar observers, and even astronauts. Most of these professional people are reluctant to come forward with their information either because of official gag orders or because of the detrimental effect to their careers. Never-the-less some brave individuals have come forward from time to time with their stories and have contributed to the body of knowledge. It is precisely that body of knowledge that I will use to make my case for gravity drive.

Great incite can be gained about UFO propulsion systems by matching maneuvering performance with possible scenarios for propulsion systems. A number of UFO researchers have done just that. The late Paul Hill was such an individual. He was a NACA engineer/scientist (it became NASA) who had at least two UFO sightings of his own beginning in 1952. Needless to say, his interest was piqued. NASA officially denounced the existence of UFOs so Paul’s investigations were not part of his official work. Despite that, he was able to establish himself as an informal clearing house for UFO information and as such, he had an opportunity to gather and collate a great deal of information given by eyewitnesses from the 1950s to the 1970s. It has been my personal experience in problem solving that it is helpful to gather as much information as possible. When that information is laid out and analyzed, the solution to the problem often presents itself. That is exactly the approach Mr. Hill took. After retiring from NASA in 1970 he continued his UFO analysis work on the UFO subject. By 1975 his book was completed though not published. This amazing book, Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis, was finally published posthumously in 1995, five years after his death. In it he laid out the evidence gathered from eyewitnesses and discussed possible ways UFOs might achieve what was reported. He concluded that gravitational fields were employed as propulsion.

Mr. Allan Watts, in Great Britain, has taken a similar analytical approach and discusses his results in his two books, UFO Quest: In Search of the Mystery Machines, published in 1994 and UFO Visitation, Preparing for the Twenty-first Century, published in 1996. Like Hill, he also speculates about possible drive systems for UFOs.

Herman Oberth, the renowned German rocket pioneer of the pre-World War II era became involved in UFO investigations during and after the war. He concluded that UFOs were not of this Earth and that they were manipulating gravitational fields as a means of propulsion.


So what is the data that can be used to form an hypothesis which states that gravitational fields are at play in the UFO propulsion systems? The data comes from thousands of reports from highly credible witnesses. Their observations given below.

UFOs are able to accelerate at rates of over 100 Gs. This is beyond the endurance capability of our pilots. UFOs perform maneuvers that include what appears to be abrupt right angle turns. A few witnesses have reported a feeling of being pressed down, as though they were heavier, as a UFO flew close over their heads. Disc-shaped craft accelerate along their axis of symmetry. The surface of ponds on which UFO have landed or hovered for an extended period of time are frozen. UFOs have been clocked at speeds in excess of 9,000 miles per hour without creating a shock wave (sonic boom) or overheating.

There are other unusual characteristics in the behavior of UFOs. They may be more related to how gravity drive is achieved and less an argument for gravity drive. For completeness sake they are listed below.

They glow various colors depending on their level of activity. They cloak themselves. This appears to be a function of the wavelength used by the detector (IR, visual, or radar). There is evidence of strong magnetic fields around the craft. Ignition systems of automobiles are affected. Metal roof shingles and mail boxes have been reported to rattle at the craft pass over. There is evidence of strong electric fields around the craft. The craft appear to have a corona around them. It is similar to the glow of neon signs.

Intense electromagnetic radiation is given off by the craft during operation. This radiation covers a broad spectrum ranging from infrared to gamma rays. The soil around a craft that has landed is often affected by this radiation. Witnesses who have been too near the operating craft for extended periods of time have experienced symptoms of radiation poisoning. At least one has died from this.

If we employ Occam's razor then it is necessary that the explanation of the first six items above make as few assumptions as possible. If we make only one assumption and that is that the aliens have developed the ability to create positive (or negative) gravitational fields, then the above six observations can be explained.


Imagine you are aboard your homebuilt rocket and you have a cell phone on board so you can talk to your friend on the ground. He is the one who lights the fuse. The rocket fires and off you go. Your friend on the ground gets on the phone and asks what you are experiencing. You explain that you are being forced down into your seat and that your G meter reads 4.0. Your rocket exhausts its fuel but it continues upward. Again, your friend asks about your experience and you report feeling weightless and your G meter reads zero. Your rocket reaches its highest point and begins falling toward Earth. Your friend asks about your experience and you report that nothing has changed, you are weightless and your G meter still reads zero. Your friend is surprised because he knows that you are accelerating toward the Earth at one G. Now, consider repeating this experiment on a much larger planet, one that has a gravitational pull of 100 Gs. As your rocket did its freefall toward the planet, the phone conversation would be the same. Even though you are accelerating toward the planet at 100 Gs you would still feel weightless and your G meter would read zero.

Let us move into the future. The year is 2325 and you are test driving the new Ford Galaxy 5,000,000. It has gravity drive! You are sitting comfortably in your seat and you turn the “ignition” key…no sound. You press on the accelerator to generate a gravitational field in front of you. There is no sensation of motion, no acceleration. You wonder if the car is working so you look out of the window and are alarmed to see scenery whizzing by at an increasing rate. You turn the steering wheel left, directing the gravitational field to your left. Again, there is no sensation of turning as you freefall in that direction. The world outside seems to be turning around you but you feel nothing, other than Earth’s gravity keeping you in your seat. The above description is what the occupants of a UFO probably experience. There is no sensation of acceleration or of making abrupt changes in direction.


The observation that when a UFO passes low overhead, a “pressure” or feeling of increased weight occurs, is an indication that the gravitational field being generated by UFO’s is a negative field instead of a positive one as we feel from Earth’s gravity. A negative field is as valid an explanation for observations 1 and 2 as is a positive field. The difference being, the craft and its occupants freefall away from the field instead of toward it.

It seems that the underside of a classical UFO disc is where at least one of the propulsion fields is formed. It may be a rotating field which explains why wobbling is often seen as UFOs hover. Witnesses describe a glowing ring around the perimeter of the underside of UFOs. The craft are seen to tilt so the axis of symmetry is aligned with the direction of travel. There are remarkable photographs in a book published in Germany in 1999. In the book UFO: Richard Brunswick Photocollection, the author has a two photo sequence of a UFO maneuvering over a field. Dust appears to be kicked up as the craft is about one to two diameters above the ground. The dust cloud shows signs of being rarefied in a ring-shaped zone under the perimeter of the craft. Circulation or convection within the dust cloud can be seen. These are further indications that a negative field is formed on the underside of the craft rather than to the sides. The circulation of air that seems to be occurring could also explain the freezing effect created under UFOs. When a UFO is very near to the ground, the negative gravity under the perimeter expels the air creating a low pressure. The circulation of air through this low pressure causes a refrigeration effect and the surface beneath is cooled and heat is expelled.


As you drive down the road, if you put your hand out of the window, you can feel the air pressure as it piles up on the upstream side of your hand. The faster you go, the higher the pressure. It is this same pressure that is causing the approaching air molecules to begin to pass around your hand as they tend to flow from a high pressure region into a low pressure region. In a sense, the high pressure air molecules in front of your hand are telling the approaching molecules to go around. The higher the speed and pressure, the farther upstream they send their message and the approaching molecules begin to change path. The transmission speed of this “signal” has a limit. It is called the acoustic velocity, or speed of sound. If your car could travel at the speed of sound then the pressure “signal” from your hand could not travel up stream fast enough to warn the oncoming molecules to get out of the way. The result, they slam into your hand creating a shock wave and a sonic boom.

If you had some other method, other than air pressure, to warn the air molecules of your approach then the problem would be solved. The aliens with their UFO technology have solved that problem. They use a field that travels at the speed of light. It is a negative gravitational field that repels the oncoming molecules just as high pressure does. It can be projected in front of the craft and not be limited be the acoustic velocity, thus, no shock waves. A side advantage of this is that the field can be configured in such a way as to streamline the flow and virtually eliminate air friction and its associated heating on the skin of the craft.

How the gravitational fields are generated and what power source is used is beyond the scope of this paper and is a topic for future discussion. I will only add that I believe that observations 7 through 11 probably offer clues.

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