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Unknown Object Videotaped in North East, U K, 10-04-06
On October 4th 2006 I was in my lounge area watching the television. I went to the window to check out the sky conditions as I was planning a sky watch for that night. It was around 6:30 PM when I looked out the window. I scanned the sky a few times and then looked straight ahead and noticed a strange craft that was glowing orange that was situated just above the trees moving a slow rate of speed.

I raced to the room next door to the lounge and grabbed my video camera. I made my way back to the lounge as swiftly as possible as I reached the window I turned the camera on and was able to get a short 15 second recording of the orange craft that was no longer glowing.

When I further analyzed the video I noticed that the craft seems to be two circles attached together which startled me. I am positive that this was not a plane because the object has no wings: also it is definitely not a helicopter and to add to that I am sure this object is not a balloon, satellite or flare.

I have no idea what I have videotaped but I can say for sure that at this time it is a UFO. What I really find odd is the fact this object looks like two circular shaped UFO’s combined.

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