Unknown Photo & Emblem Identified

In a UFO Casebook newsletter from 2004 we ran the following article:

I receive a large amount of email; most of it comes from folks who give us a thumbs up, and we do appreciate that. We also get a lot of pictures, documents, sighting reports, and an occasional video through email and regular post. They all are welcome, and a source of study and sometimes amusement. Many friendships have sprung from my email contacts. These friendships have made the whole long journey into the mysterious and sometimes baffling study of UFOs a worthwhile experience.

Recently, I received an image of what is obviously a photograph of a UFO. The image also had a type of official looking stamp on it, with the word "center" at the top and "classified" at the bottom. I put the image on a webpage, and sent the url through the para-discuss group at Yahoo, but so far no one has identified the emblem. Of course, the whole thing may be a joke, or hoax. The email had no message, just the embedded image. I, of course, repsponded to the sender for additional information, but no answer was forthcoming. If any of you know what the emblem means, or have any information about the photograph, please let me know, just send me an email.

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Yesterday, 03-23-06, we received information from a reader about the image. The individual tells us that "CENTER" is a code name of The Center Special Units, military groups for intelligence operation section location: Area 51.

If anyone can comment on this, please do so.

A reader has sent us what appear to be documents that solve the mystery of the photo and emblem. If anyone has any input on these documents, please contact me. I cannot verify nor debunk the documents at this point.

PDF Document 1 PDF Document 2

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