Unknown Object Photographed over Valparaiso, Chile, 2005

Dear Billy,

The attached UFO picture was taken by one of my nephews on the 29/Nov/2005 22:40 PM aprox.(local Time) ,at Valparaiso Chile . Three versions are included.

V1 .- Original picture . Small camera 3.5 megapixels,automatic adjustment . From a hill towards the sea. Object is the small light close to the center. Red lines on the right top corner are street light reflections on electric power wires.

{Click on photo for full size}

V1a.- Computer magnified detail of the object, using Microsoft Windows Picture & Fax Viewer and FastStone Screen Capture for Windows Version 1.5. Object colors and shape ,surrounded by plasma, are visible enough,.

V1b.-Picture V1a. computer filtered for edges/horizontal ,using Cannon Craft CSP software version 3.6.6 Object outline is clearly visible .

I reckon better analysis results could be obtained with an especialized professional software.

Please keep my name confidential.

Many regards


Sydney, Australia

{Click on photo for full size}

source and references:

Anonymous, Sydney Australia

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