1950 Alien Encounter at Varese, Italy

Depiction of UFO and Alien

On the 24th day of April 1950, 42 year old factory worker Bruno Facchini was working the late shift, and stepped outside to get some fresh air on his break.

His home city of Varese in Italy had just had a severe thunderstorm.

The last distant streaks of lightning were still visible as Bruno decided to see if the electrical system had popped a circuit breaker.

He was taken completely aback at what he saw not far from the factory doors.

Investigating a bright glowing light which he thought was part of a factory transformer problem, he was shocked to see a circular shaped, glowing object with a ladder descended from its bottom.

At the top of the UFO was a greenish glow which partially obscured a light-skinned being.

The unusual being appeared to be welding something on the craft. Bruno's first impression of the craft was that it was a type of experimental craft from a nearby air base.

His impression was quickly altered by the sight of several other small alien creatures which emerged from the craft. In a moment or two, the ladder began to be drawn up into the mysterious craft, and the beings began to reenter the craft through an invisible door of some kind.

The full realization of what he was witnessing sent Bruno into a full run away from the frightening encounter.

As he fled, he heard a sound like that of a large beehive. One of the remaining creatures pointed a type of weapon at the scared worker, and a beam of force knocked him to the ground.

Although in pain, he was able to watch the last activities of the strange aliens as they prepared the craft to take off.

The beehive like sound increased as the object made its way into the skies and vanished from view.

The next day, Bruno made a full report of his encounter to the police force. There were signs still visible of the activities of the night before. Police found burned patches on the ground, and indentation marks of an extremely heavy object.

Also found were some odd, green pieces of a metal-like substance. Bruno recounted the welding operation, and suggested that the green pieces of debris were refuse of the process.

The fragments were analyzed. The results of this test concluded that the fragments were an "anti-friction" material, containing several types of metal along with a lubricant.

In September 1953, UFO investigators had their own tests conducted on the green substance.

A scientific institute specializing in metallurgy assessed that the fragments were 74% copper, 19% tin, and other trace elements.

The substance, under heavy magnification was a yellow-white color, but did not contain any metals which could not be found on Earth.

These conclusions did not entirely rule out the possibility of an extraterrestrial connection in the case of Bruno Facchini.

There is no way to conclude that the metal composition could not be made on another planet.

Facchini's accept was taken very seriously by all who knew him. He was a respectable man, well liked, and considered to be reliable and trustworthy.

He gained nothing from his tale of the strange object and occupants he described on the night of April 24, 1950.


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