The VARGINHA CASE, New Revelations:

Depiction of Alien Being

New revelations about the capture and medical treatment of alien creatures in Brazil, January 1996.

After eight years from the principal episodes of the Varginha Case, predictions that the volume of information would substantially increase with time are confirmed.

However, as with all similar episodes, the volume of information turns difficult the establishment of certainties. We know that facts are proved with witnesses, but the complications arising from human reports turns any investigation into a real challenge in the quest for the truth.

Among the many aspects involved in this process we should mention the emotional one, which may produce a series of statements uncommitted with the objectivity required to lead us to the truth.

Considering that an uncommon occurrence make people offer their own interpretation influenced by personal beliefs and trends from their own social environment, only the research carried out directly in the places and situations in question allows us to have some confirmation.

Among the reliable statements - even though depending on analysis grounded on a wider set of data or rare evidence - we should point those from individuals from the environment where the facts supposedly occurred.

Military Witnesses

In the beginning of 2003 Varginha was visited by Roger Leir, US ufologist and acknowledged physician, whose experience of more than 50 years as a UFO researcher lead him to different kinds of occurrences, such as the cases of implants supposedly made by alien surgical intervention.

This visit was an opportunity to verify the effective existence of some secret witnesses of the Varginha Case, which since 1996 was always affirmed by researchers.

This was already shown in 1997 when representatives of local and national press were selected to watch - upon ethical commitment of absolute secrecy - two video-recorded interviews with military witnesses who took part in the event.

At the same time we may not consider as evidence statements given in secrecy - therefore of restricted or none value -, it is crucial to prove to the population and scholars in general that these statements really exist.

With this objective Roger Leir was taken to the office of a colleague - an acknowledged doctor in Varginha with more than 30 years of work who belongs to one of the most traditional families of that region. Called by the US ufologist as "Doctor", he agreed to receive Roger Leir, after a natural hesitation, to confirm what he had seen in January, 1996 inside an appropriate room at the Regional Hospital, south of Minas Gerais.

During more than three hours of talk, Roger Leir heard from his Brazilian colleague the confirmation that a second creature of uncommon physical appearance was captured. The "Doctor" revealed a new detail unknown to researchers till that time.

Injured Creature

According to the "Doctor" - who refuses to reveal his real name - the body presented injuries of different kinds and grades. He said he was urgently called by the military staff responsible for keeping the creature and described his astonishment in front of something never seen or reported before.

His statement regarding the appearance of the creature is not different from many other descriptions of other witnesses, but he said the creature was surely alive when he saw it.

This declaration is part of an ever increasing pile of witnesses including military, police officers, doctors, hospital officers, civil witnesses etc.

We should not forget, however, the necessity to select the gathered information, which sometimes may receive the direct influence of the investigator. Here is one example especially chosen to emphasize the neutrality of arguments, so important for the discussion of UFO or similar occurrences.

One of the procedures preferred by ufologists of the so-called objective line - not mystical - is to focus their attention to statements free of personal impressions, especially those where witnesses talk about their own emotional alteration at the moment of their experience.

The "Doctor" - initially insisting that it was a colleague who was called by the military to the referred hospital - eventually admitted that he was the doctor in question and decided to trust his US colleague telling everything.

The "Doctor" was touched and giving us a new detail about the case with a serious expression on his face he said that when he was trying to examine the injuries of the being he felt suddenly "as if my hands were automatically driven" and "it was as if the lights suddenly became yellowish", and "my perception was somewhat enhanced".

These are transcriptions of what he said.

The "Doctor" also said that he could not understand the physiological constitution of the body we was examining even though it was an anthropomorphic being, with head, trunk and members.

The "Doctor" did not hear any sound made by the creature neither mentioned the famous "thin, bifurcated tongue", reported by other medic and military witnesses. He said he had seen its slow movements, proving it was still alive, but refused to say if it was breathing.

Here is the example of the difficulties found in statements like this. We don't know to which extent the psychological impact and emotional alterations of a professional before the unknown would influence him to the point of causing uncommon sensations.

For obvious reasons such alterations may occur much more in persons with technical knowledge and refined culture. The contact with a situation not explicable by academic assumptions means increased sensitivity to such shocks. Therefore, the reported impressions could be a simple result of this.

It would be absurd to take the detail of a supposedly psychic interaction between the creature and the doctor as an effective signal of intelligence of the being or - even more absurd - that the "Doctor" was in contact with something with telepathic or similar powers. These kinds of assertions, however, are not uncommon.

Complications in the Research

With time, hopes of new information and other confirmations about the Varginha Case are partially satisfied. But there is the risk that they come each time more characterized by complications.

For now, the most significant of these complications is the denial of the institutions involved from the beginning, such as the Army, hospitals and others. Even if we had access to a detailed report composed by examinations, analyses and full data about the material resulting from the episode, the effective existence of the said creatures of Varginha could only be confirmed if officially admitted.

While this does not happen, ufologists, researchers, skeptics, and curious and interested people can only keep on the further discussion about the case.

Written by Ubirajara Rodrigues

Translated by Eduardo Rado

Released by A. J. Gevaerd

Published in Brazilian UFO Magazine

This material belongs to Brazilian UFO Magazine, published in the edition #100, June, 2004. Authorized reproduction if source and website informed:

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