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UFOs Photographed over Victoria, Australia, 09-01-06
UFO Dear UFO Casebook,

Please find enclosed a few pictures I took today at around 11.30 am, 01-Sept-06, just after mowing the grass. The sky was basically clear, apart from a few high clouds. I noticed one cloud in particular appear as if it was "vibrating", then I saw unusual "holes" begin to appear in other clouds.

I went inside to retrieve my Kodak Digital camera, and began to take many pictures of the developing, unusual cloud formations.

When I viewed the pictures on my PC afterwards I noticed a dark, fuzzy object in the centre of one of them. (pic marked "UFO's") However, I couldn't make out what it was due to its blurriness. I then notice a few more objects up in the top left-hand corner and decided to take a closer look as one of them seemed very clear.


I've enclosed two "cut and paste" images of these UFO's for your viewing. Picture 01 shows two UFO's sitting together, with possibly a third UFO beneath them partially obscured by the tree branch.

Picture 02 shows a clearer view of four UFO's from the next picture taken, separated into two groups of two UFO's. It appears that the UFO at the bottom of the picture is actually two UFO's joined together, while the one at the top-left clearly shows that it is spherical in shape and reflecting the sunlight as you would expect from its proximity to the Sun.

I was the only witness, and there were no other aircraft nearby to my knowledge. The weather conditions were good at first, with a light wind and basically clear sky just before I took these pictures. However, the wind rapidly increased and the very high cloud formations also increased in size and speed, spreading from the Western horizon to the east. The cloud formation looked very unusual, even "unnatural", and seemed to be pockmarked with many "holes" at regular intervals.

Best Regards,

Nev Mitchell.

Victoria, Australia.

A big thanks to Nev for sending in an excellent report and compelling photographs.


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