Ufologist Brian Vike Retires
UFO October 25th 2006-We thank you for the many emails we are receiving inquiring into the absence of our dear friend

Mr. Brian Vike and the future of HBCCUFO.Com

We are pleased to let you know that Brian is doing quite well and wisely stepping aside to regain his health and vigor. As many of you are aware he has often been in extreme pain while doing this “labor of love” for us all.

We wish him a speedy recovery and abundant blessings for his future!

It is now our intent to establish the historical data accumulated by Brian as archival resources for future generations.

The data was never intended for any purpose but as a repository of information accumulated from direct human experiences in the UFO phenomena.

Although Brian’s direct research is discontinued, at this time, we know that UFO cases will not end anytime too soon.

Perhaps there will be another to pick up the gauntlet and to continue this stellar work.

To Brian,

God bless you in all your endeavors and thank you for giving so selflessly to humankind in your financial outlay and countless hours of research and the loving care shown to the many who were lost in the confusion and fear of their experience.

But most especially, thank you for the excitement and integrity you brought to this amazing subject.

You are surely one of a kind!

"Live Long And Prosper"

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