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Travis Walton-Video Interview-Inside the Alien Craft

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If you are not familiar with the Travis Walton abduction case, see the UFO Casebook case file, The Travis Walton Abduction.

Travis Walton was with some logger buddies when they came across a strange craft in the forest. Walton approached it and was thrown into the air by some force from the craft. His friends panicked and drove away.

They came back to find him, but Walton and the UFO were no where to be found.

The event was well documented and is one of the best cases for the evidence of the phenomena.

A hit movie titled "Fire in the Sky" was made based on this event. In this interview Travis discusses what he experienced apparently aboard a spaceship.

Visit the Travis Walton URL below for more information.

This was part of my TV show, Phenomena Television, and was filmed at the UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada.

The video below contains abduction scenes from "Fire in the Sky," along with the Walton-Nelson interview.

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